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State Agency for Child Protection

Body at the Council of Ministers responsible for coordination and control in the area of child protection

 We are:

The State Agency for Child Protection is established in 2000 with the adoption of the Child protection Act with Decree № 226/10.10.2000 of the Council of Ministers and entered into operation on 01.01.2001. It is managed by a Chairperson who is supported by an administration.

What we do:

The State Agency for Child Protection is a specialized body of the Council of Ministers which runs, coordinates and monitors the child protection system in Bulgaria.

 How we do it:

The Chairperson of SACP as a child protection body:

-         develops the state policy for child protection together with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, the Minister of Health, The Minister of Education and Science, The Minister of Justice, the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Finance, The Minister of Youth and Sports, the Governor of the National Insurance Institute, the Secretary of the Central Commission for Combating Juvenile Delinquency, and the National Association of the Municipalities in Bulgaria;

-         develops and monitors the implementation of national and regional child protection programmes;

-         monitors and analyzes the conduction of the state policy for child protection; provides methodic guidance to the Child Protection Departments within the Agency for Social Assistance and provides methodological guidelines on child rights observance;

-         develops the Criteria and Standards for Social Services Ordinance;

-         issues licenses for providers of social services for children;

-         supports the defining and implementing of the EU integration policy for children together with the other ministries;

-         could represent the state in international organizations and programmes referred to child protection within the authorities delegated by the Council of Ministers;

-         develops legal acts and participates in their drafting;

-         develops and maintains National Info system;

-         supports the NGOs;

-         organizes and conducts S&R and educational activities in the child protection field;

-         runs the National Council for Child Protection;

-         monitors and controls the social service providers for children;

-         develops and maintains 116111 (a child hotline);

-         others.



State Agency For Child Protection

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