The State Agency for Child Protection welcomes the initiative of the European Network of Traffic Police Services "European Day without road deaths", celebrated on September 26, 2019 under the motto "I love my family! Let's protect it on the road!”, In the context of the European Mobility Week (16-22 September).

The agency also supports the announcement by the Council of Ministers that 2019 is a year of active work to protect the lives and health of road users with the motto "Protect your family on the road." The initiative is a great opportunity to encourage all road users to contribute to reducing risks and increasing their own and others' road safety while driving, walking or cycling. Improving traffic safety culture is an important means of reducing child deaths on the roads.

The SACP also encourages participation in campaigns such as the one of the Bulgarian Red Cross, which aim to draw public attention to the problem of children's road injuries and to the support of children injured in road accidents. The Agency calls on all road users to follow the traffic regulations in order to protect their lives and the lives of others.