Въвличането на деца в политическа дейност е законово нарушение. Нека съхраним децата!



The Chairman of the State Agency for Child Protection Dr. Eleonora Lilova and the Secretary General of the SACP - Dr. Teodora Ivanova visited MID Center in Sofia, Fakulteta district. The work meeting was attended by Ms. Minka Yovcheva - Director of the Social Activities Directorate at Sofia Municipality and Dr. Elena Kabakchieva - Chairman of the Health and Social Development Foundation.

The Model for integrated development (MID) is focused on the most important periods of personal development and provides a solution to the two main problems for the Roma in Bulgaria - education and work. The program is for children and parents and ensures successful integration in education, as well as prepares adolescents for good participation in the labor market through the development of social skills. The center was established in 2002 by the Health and Social Development Foundation and is the first Health and Social Center for development of the Roma community in the country. In a conversation between Dr. Lilova, Dr. Kabakchieva and the team of the Center, problems encountered in everyday work were outlined as well as the ways in which support can be received.

"Many preschool children attend only day care centers for social rehabilitation and integration and remain outside the education system," said Dr. Kabakchieva. She stressed the need to expand services for parents and families in Roma communities, as well as to bring more awareness and support from the public.

The visit continued in the 75th Todor Kableshkov Primary School in Sofia, Fakulteta district. During the event, the director of the school - Ms. Lava Kotseva and Ms. Galina Timova, Deputy Director familiarized the representatives of the SACP with the success of the activities for the implementation of project BG05M2OP001-2.011-0001 "Support for Success" under the Operational Program " Science and Education for Intelligent Growth” (OP SEIG) 2014-2020.

During the visit, Dr. Lilova talked to the children about everyday life, activities of interest, their vision and desires for the future. She familiarized herself on the spot with the specifics of the work of the school staff, led by Mrs. Kotseva.

The last school day for the students from first to fourth grade of 75th Primary School passed under the ringing voices of girls and boys, who delighted the guests with artistic performances. They presented songs, sketches and poems, thus taking care of the good mood of all present.

There was a surprise, which was a poster on the occasion of the SACP initiative "The greatest children’s thank you", which the fourth-graders had prepared. They also sent their short video with gratitude.

"Today, more than ever, you have to thank parents and teachers for being the most important leaders in your development and knowledge of the world. These are the people who not only pass on knowledge to you, but are the ones who create in you an attitude towards the community and change your destinies for the better "- the President of the SACP, Dr. Eleonora Lilova addressed the children.