The Chairman of the State Agency for Child Protection - Dr. Eleonora Lilova and two members of the Children's Council at the SACP - Todor Tachev and Stella Zlatkova, visited two of the most important social services for children and families in Varna and met with the Deputy Mayor of the city - Mr. Kosta Bazitov.

The first meeting with the SACP representatives was held at the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Children with Disabilities "Life Under the Rainbow" (CSRICD / autism) and the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Elder Women "Impulse" (CSRIEW), led by the Chairman of Association "Let's save the woman" - Dr. Yordanka Nencheva, who creates therapeutic rooms with children's play equipment, which include activities for: support for early diagnosis and therapy; consulting with experts and doctors; occupational and speech therapy, art and music therapy; hourly individual and group work, educational and creative activities for children with autism and their families, as well as family conferences for the exchange of successful practices.

"Every child is a vast universe. Their vitality and abilities are unlimited, and supporting the development of children with special needs is an important necessity for children and families and a mission of people with big hearts. "- said the Chairman of the SACP, Dr. Eleonora Lilova.

One of the most significant projects initiated by the Association is "Innovative public model for the Silver Social Exchange". It creates a new social model for home support of people at risk. This activity is a new achievement for the Social Program of Varna, because it supports the efforts to work in the home of people with disabilities outside the institutional space. The activities carried out so far are: trainings, home visits, a hotline has been set up and an information base has already been planned for a wider and larger scope of work.

"Every human being has the right to a place where they feel at home and in which they develop their potential," said the chairman of the SACP, Dr. Eleonora Lilova.

The members of the Children's Council expressed their desire to be included in the youth programs provided by the Center. They did not hide their admiration for the successful practices of the "Intergenerational Center" of the Association, which were presented to them. The meeting with the everyday life of the professionals and the children impressed them and as Stella shared "This place is not just a community - it gives the feeling of family and home".

The young people promised to promote the activities of "Life under the Rainbow" and to introduce the Center to their peers.

 "Thank you for showing us what it's like to have a worthy cause. After this day, we will be even more committed to promoting the activities of the centers and that they will attract even more young people to help. "- said Todor.

The second social service that the SACP representatives visited was the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Children with Special Needs, which is created by the Karin Dom Foundation. The organization has a leading role in providing services for children with special needs and their families and is a model for the country and abroad. Karin Dom trains over 1,200 specialists a year. Over the years, Karin Dom has developed and grown as a therapeutic center for children with specialists who focus their skills in Montessori therapy. It is based on the principles and practice of classical Montessori pedagogy, and children who have developmental problems need support and stimulation in order to develop their potential.

The team of Karin Dom also shared about the challenges faced by the specialists during the social isolation related to COVID - 19. They pointed out that they also take care of children with many severe disabilities, and in order to continue to support children during the pandemic, therapists prepared boxes for families with tasks and methodological materials through which parents can play with children in a way that will have a beneficial effect on their condition.

In 2018, the Karin Dom Foundation won the SACP award "I guarantee a happy childhood" in the "Innovation" section. On this occasion, the Chairman of the State Agency expressed hope that the Foundation will be recognized as an "Ambassador of Good" 2020.

"We need good examples of people and organizations that support. The good happens, but if we don't show it, there is no way to pass it on. ”- adds Dr. Lilova.

During the two meetings, many topical issues for expanding mutual partnership in the context of a pandemic were also discussed. The perspectives for the social sector, which require the team efforts of all institutions, municipalities, specialists and citizens, were considered.

For the representatives of the children's voice, this was a new opportunity to participate in new youth programs and volunteer activities.

The visit of the Chairman of the SACP in Varna ended with a work meeting at the invitation of the Deputy Mayor of the city, Mr. Kosta Bazitov. Before him, the representatives of the Children's Council spoke about the need for more energetic activities for young people in the city. They shared the idea of ​​creating an Alley for youth activities and a separate space where young people can hold various forums.

"Children are looking for opportunities to express themselves more and more often. They need their constant space to present their capabilities and attitude to the world. "- said Dr. Lilova.

For his part, Mr. Bazitov expressed readiness to support the children's request, and in addition suggested that they assist in the accomplishments of the Center for Innovation and Information Technology in the field.

The topic of career development also became a discussion. According to young people, school does not provide guidance on what to be and this is a problem. They believe that the teaching material is too much, and there is a lack of useful practical activities.

"The child's personality carries comprehensive messages about human nature. But they are not reflected in their student notebook and we do not write an assessment for that. It is with the presentations and performances of the child that we must develop an attitude towards the person.” - adds Dr. Lilova.

Като всяко дете по света, ти имаш права и те са гарантирани от държавата, в която живееш.

Въвличане на деца в политическа дейност е законово нарушение.

Реализирани инициативи, програми и проекти в защита на децата на България


Конвенцията за правата на детето на ООН е най-ратифицираният акт в целия свят. Тя поставя стандарти за образование, медицинска грижа, социални услуги и задължава държавите членки да защитят специалните права на децата, така че да могат децата да постигнат своя потенциал в един по-сигурен и мирен свят.


В рамките на своите правомощия председателят на ДАЗД организира проверки относно спазване на правата на детето и критериите и стандартите за социални услуги за деца, определени с Наредбата за критериите и стандартите за социални услуги за деца.