Въвличането на деца в политическа дейност е законово нарушение. Нека съхраним децата!



"Support for early childhood development is the most important and fundamental support of every human being, because it is the first stage of the life cycle of human development, which lays the foundation for the personal development of every person. The stronger the foundation, the healthier and stronger the person will grow," said the Chairman of the State Agency for Child Protection - Dr. Eleonora Lilova at the opening of the international conference on "Effective approaches to support early childhood development and cross-sectoral cooperation" organized by Karin Dom. The online forum, which takes place from July 29 to August 1, is attended by many Bulgarian and international specialists in the field of social services, education and healthcare. The conference was also opened by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy - Ms. Denitsa Sacheva, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria - Ms. Diana Kovacheva, experts from the Social Assistance Agency and others.

Dr. Lilova stressed the importance of the support that institutions provide to parents and families and requested cooperation from all stakeholders in the cause to improve the quality of life for children from an early age.

"The support for the child goes through the support for the parents, the family environment and in general the social environment in which the child grows up. Therefore, the holistic approach should organize institutions and organizations in such a way as to support children's lives and growth in all necessary directions. Cross-sectoral cooperation of diverse professionals who work in synchrony and mutual assistance with parents is the next important factor for human development. And if we imagine that a person is like a house, then all the rooms in this house should be in harmony in order to have a tidy and finished home," said Dr. Eleonora Lilova.

"Our common role is to unite our efforts and work together for the inclusion of children who show signs of delay in development, learning and socialization among peers, and united we change the attitudes of society towards them. Together we achieve more and together we can fully support the children. "

The Chairman of the SACP expressed her clear position on how important it is in the process of child development for the family and professionals to work as a cohesive team and stressed the special contribution of parents to child development.

"Being a parent is a mission no less responsible than that of specialists. Primarily, parents are the ones who, when creating life, should give themselves to their child and they do it with a lot of love. Every parent has a mission and a way to raise, socialize and educate their child. Every parent wants the best for their child and wants to be proud of their success. But we all know that no one is omnipotent, no one is perfect and 100% full of all knowledge. That is why each of us should listen and hear what the other says and how each of us is useful and important for the child in the different roles we play in its life, "said Dr. Lilova.