A representative part of the members of the Children's Council under the Chairman of the SACP: Diyan Kalaydzhiev, Todor Tachev and Vanessa Filipova visited the Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Krasimir Valchev, at the initiative of the Chairman of the State Agency for Child Protection, Dr. Eleonora Lilova.


The purpose of the meeting is to hear the children's opinion and to take it into account regarding the start of the new school year during the complex epidemiological situation. Minister Valchev gave the children the opportunity to ask their questions and give suggestions related to the study material, the distance learning and the measures for limiting the spread of COVID-19 in school.


The President of the Council, Diyan Kalaydzhiev, gave a bell to Minister Valchev with the wish for the children’s voice to be heard more and more.


"Thank you for accepting the children to meet with you and share the issues that concern them. They need to be heard more often, to be stimulated to express their opinion and to participate in the decisions that adults make for them," the chairman of the SACP Dr. Lilova said in support of the children at the beginning of the meeting.


The representatives of the children's voice in Bulgaria expressed their opinion "for" а start of the school year with attendance in person, their point of view on learning in an entirely online environment and the way the study material is taught in different subjects. According to them, entirely distance-learning form of education hides risks related to the quality of digesting the material. They expressed the need for face-to-face communication with their teachers and classmates. Regarding the volume and way of teaching, the children shared that they need more practical exercises than "dry theory" and pointed out that it is important for teachers to create teamwork between students during class.


The children offer specific measures to provide a safer and healthier environment for all participants in the learning process. They presented to the Minister proposals, which include measures to provide support from psychologists, pedagogical advisers and other specialists for children and their families, as well as to provide information materials related to safe surfing on the Internet and insist on the provision of technical means for all students who need to continue their education but are forced to work.


The study of mathematics in classes for which the profile is humanitarian became a subject of lively discussion. According to the children, studying the subject is a kind of difficulty in learning and lowers their grades. In response, Minister Valchev responded with the words: "In your life you will meet with different probabilities every day, and mathematics and the logic in it can only be useful to you." He stressed that sometimes we do not realize the power of basic knowledge, namely, it builds the intellect. The Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Ms. Tanya Mihailova, supported the position of the Minister with examples and advised the children to always look for different sources of information, to have critical thinking and to look for opportunities for creativity everywhere.

The meeting ended with an invitation to Minister Valchev to join the committee for election of new members of the Council in September this year.