The State Agency for Child Protection considered on its own initiative the case regarding a publication in the media about the beating of a 3-year-old child by a 34-year-old man in the capital.

The SACP informs that the necessary actions have been taken in this outrageous incident involving a child in order to protect the child. On the day of publication, 4 December 2020, the Agency notified the Child Protection Department at the child's place of residence and the case is already being investigated in order to take measures depending on the identified risks for the child. The Sofia District Prosecutor's Office performs actions within its competence regarding the person who has abused the child.

On this occasion, the Chairperson of the SACP, Dr. Eleonora Lilova, shared: “My heart constricts with sorrow for the child in such a situation. Violence against a child never solves any problem. On the contrary, it deepens it and has recently led to more and more tragic accidents. There is an unresolved problem or despair behind every cruel violence. It is even more frightening when a person has a feeling of loss of meaning or hopelessness. That is why it is good for people with problems to be heard and to be able to get a chance to solve their problem meaningfully. Each of us, no matter what role we play, should not stand idly by if a friend, neighbor, colleague or even a stranger has any difficulty. If we are sensitive and empathetic to each other and notice our problems, we can save lives and protect children from mental or physical injury. In the community we need to revive values ​​such as "compassionate", "kind", "responsive", "useful" to others."

Children are often victims of violence and are increasingly completely vulnerable to adult abusers. It is the duty of the whole society to protect and defend them, to create a safe and secure environment in which they can develop according to their abilities and individual needs. Unfortunately, violence is part of the reality in which we live and the object of such, can be any of us or our loved ones and children.

The SACP strongly condemns all cases of violence and unacceptable methods of upbringing of children. The agency believes in the intolerance of society to such cases and in the active civil position of anyone who becomes aware that a child needs protection, to promptly notify the protection authorities for a child at risk.

In such cases, a signal can also be submitted through the National Telephone Line for Children 116 111 of the State Agency for Child Protection. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week free of charge for everyone who reacts quickly and adequately to protect the rights and interests of a child. So far, thousands of children's destinies have been saved by people with big hearts who do not close their eyes to injustice.