Въвличането на деца в политическа дейност е законово нарушение. Нека съхраним децата!



The Chairperson of the State Agency for Child Protection participated in a meeting of the Public Council for Combating Illegal and Harmful Content in the Bulgarian Internet Space at the National Center for Safe Internet. The work of the Center is monitored and supported by the Public Council, which includes representatives of key government institutions and non-governmental organizations involved in providing a positive and safe online environment for children and young people.


The meeting was held online, reviewing the activities of the Center for Safe Internet in 2020, as well as new trends in the risks for children on the Internet and the presentation of major projects for 2021.


"2020 presented us with a number of challenges regarding the pandemic, and the emergency situation allowed children to spend even more of their time in a digital environment. We adults need to find appropriate ways to protect children from awkward and dangerous situations, but most of all we need to educate them so that they can judge for themselves and not fall into the trap of being abused. That is why it is extremely important to constantly focus our efforts on prevention and providing better information related to the dangers and risks for children in the Internet space," said the Chairperson of the SACP and Deputy Chairperson of the Public Council Dr. Eleonora Lilova.


During the meeting, she thanked the coordinator of the Center for Safe Internet, Mr. Georgi Apostolov, who during the year once again remained uncompromising to the abuse of children online and organized a number of initiatives to present online challenges to the public. Mr. Apostolov also participates in the work group at the SACP, which has developed the Rules for the safety of children and students in the computer network in kindergarten, school and on the Internet.


This year, the Agency prepared an electronic and paper edition of the Rules, which is addressed specifically to children - the guide "Network Safety". It is published on the SACP website and is distributed through the heads of the Regional Departments of Education in the country to schools and kindergartens.


"I believe that all members, together and separately, must continue constantly and in various forms and activities to guarantee the right of children to access appropriate information and materials online; to prevent children from the dangers of the Internet; to provide specific guidance to children on safe behavior on the computer network in kindergarten and at school and on the Internet and to improve the coordination and responsibilities of all stakeholders.


It is important to cooperate, because only by working together, we can ensure a better, safer and more secure future for our children," added Dr. Lilova.