Children's Council


The Children's Council at the State Agency for Child Protection was established in 2003 in compliance with the basic principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Child Protection Act. The purpose of its creation is to encourage child participation in child policy making and decision making.

The main mission of the Children‘s Council is to present the child's point of view, thoughts and feelings on issues that affect children's right to protection, development and participation in social and political life. The Children's Council enables children to exchange knowledge, moral and intellectual values ​​and interact with state and non-governmental organizations at national and regional level.

The Council includes one representative of the children from each administrative area, its members have a two-year mandate and elect a chairperson and a deputy chairman. At the age of 18, members of the Board leave the organization and their seats are filled by new members. So far, 84 children have been members of the Council.